Washington Post: Investing in our future requires investing in Metro today

“…To maintain our region’s competitiveness, regional leaders must invest in improving mobility and connectivity throughout the region, whether that be at the Port of Virginia, Dulles International Airport, Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, the Port of Baltimore or Metro as they greatly affect Virginia, Maryland and the District’s economy. For too long, an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach has superseded a proactive approach when it comes to our transportation infrastructure, and as a result regional efforts are focused on fixing what exists today instead of building the world-class transportation system that will secure our economic future…

…The business community across the region understands the importance of Metro and is speaking in unison through the MetroNow coalition. This collaboration among the business community is encouraging and must be matched by its elected leaders. With regional collaboration and leadership from Richmond, Annapolis and the District, we can put Metro back on a safe, smart, and sustainable path forward in 2018…”

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