The economic prosperity of our region relies heavily on a safe, reliable and efficient Metro system that’s equipped for future growth.

Better Governance

Governance reform will shrink the Board and enable a sharper focus on the health of the entire system and its long-term sustainability.

Sustainable, Dedicated Funding

A minimum of $500 million in new, dedicated and bondable funding , which each local jurisdiction responsible for determining how money is raised, will mean a more stable system.

Improved Operations

Operational efficiency providing safe, frequent, and reliable transit, increased ridership, and reasonable fares will contribute to the overall quality of life and economic success of the region.


About the Coalition

The MetroNow coalition is made up of regional leaders from the business, non-profit, and advocacy communities. We have come together to ensure that action is taken to put Metro — the backbone of greater Washington’s transportation infrastructure — on a safe, smart, and sustainable path forward in 2018 and beyond. We are dedicated to securing comprehensive improvement of Metro’s governance, funding, and operational structures in 2018.

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Fast Facts


trips are taken on Metro on an average weekday, reducing congestion on our region’s roads.


of all jobs in the region are located within a half-mile radius of Metrorail or Metrobus stops.


longer commute times without Metro. A lack of public transit will put more drivers on our roads.

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MetroNow Calls on Trump Administration and Local Delegations to Maintain Metro Funding in FY 2019

The MetroNow Coalition is deeply concerned by reports this morning that the Trump Administration’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget does not contain $150 million in critical capital funding for Metro through the Passenger Rail Investment and Improvement Act…

MetroNow Commends Maryland State Legislators Feldman, Korman, and Barron on Metro Bills

The coalition applauds Maryland State Senator Brian Feldman, Delegate Marc Korman, and Delegate Erek Barron on the introduction of The Maryland Metro Funding Act and The Metro Board Member Act. These bills are a positive step…

MetroNow Statement on Metrorail Red Line Derailment outside Farragut North

We’re relieved that all passengers and staff emerged from the derailment outside of Farragut North station this morning without injury, but we can’t help but imagine a different situation were today not a federal holiday. When people get on the Metro, they should…

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Yes! I agree we need better governance, dedicated funding, and improved operations for Metro — and we need it in 2018. Unless we act now, our region’s economic competitiveness is at stake. I want to see my elected leaders support legislation for Metro in 2018. (By signing this petition, you are agreeing to receive email updates from the MetroNow Coalition.)