Metro Fast Facts

WMATA is the third busiest transit system in the country, and the only major system without a dedicated funding source.

Source: American Public Transportation AssociationMetrorail is no longer the second-busiest rapid transit system in the country

Today, Metro has $25 billion in unfunded capital needs, a minimum of $15.5 billion of which must be funded over the next 10 years to remain safe and reliable.

Source: WMATA GM/CEO Paul Wiedefeld, Keeping Metro Safe, Reliable and Affordable

54% (2 million) of all jobs in the region are located within a half-mile radius of Metrorail or Metrobus stops. Without Metro the regional economy would be far less connected.

Source: WMATA, Why Metro Matters

Without Metro, congestion would increase by 25% costing $1.5 billion in wasted time and fuel.

Source: WMATA, Why Metro Matters

The land around our Metro stops is worth $235 billion, generating $3.1 billion per year in property taxes. Proximity to Metro increases property values by 7-9%.

Source: WMATA, Why Metro Matters

Without Metro, we would need to double the size of the Capital Beltway and double the number of parking spaces in Arlington and the District’s downtown to merely maintain the current travel conditions.

Source: Greater Washington Partnership, Preface to a Blueprint for Regional Mobility

$25 billion of development has occurred near Metro stations over the past eight years.

Source: Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments, WMATA’s Funding Needs