Business and Nonprofit Organizations Reject Stopgap Approach to Funding Metro

In response to reporting earlier today about a stopgap spending measure for the Metrorail system, a diverse group of regional stakeholders representing Metro riders, businesses, nonprofits and advocates are calling for more urgent action to transform Metro—immediately. A one-year funding patch for Metro repairs is short-sighted and does not prioritize the system or a long-term solution. Taking action in the legislative sessions starting in January 2018 is critical. We cannot delay until 2019 when the needs today are so urgent. Failure to address Metro’s funding and governance crisis immediately is not an option.

Regional Voters Overwhelmingly Support Metro’s Future, Survey Finds

Amid widespread concern about the future viability of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrorail system, a new survey finds the public overwhelmingly believes in the value of the transit system, which serves as a critical component of the region’s infrastructure. Residents surveyed across WMATA’s service area in the District, Virginia and Maryland made strong calls to increase public funding and dramatically reform Metro to drive improvements. In the survey, conducted for the Federal City Council, Washington Board of Trade, The 2030 Group and Greater Washington Partnership earlier this month, 94 percent of residents surveyed agreed that the Metro system is valuable to the greater Washington region, regardless of Metro’s current state of operations. With that in mind, 70 percent said they support an increase in public funding to improve the system.