Washington Post: Breakthrough in Maryland on Metro funding, as Hogan and legislature come together

“Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) and the Democratic-controlled legislature came together Friday to support a bill that would give Metro permanent, additional funding of $150 million a year on condition that Virginia and the District contribute the same or more.

The movement in Annapolis — in which Hogan shifted his position on the size and duration of the funding — marked a major step toward Metro’s goal of obtaining a substantial, dedicated revenue source in this year’s General Assembly sessions in Maryland and Virginia.

The MetroNow coalition, which represents a broad array of business, environmental and civic groups, made a similar appeal to Maryland. The coalition said it “remains in strong support” of a total of $500 million under the existing formula.

“This amount is the minimum needed to avoid further deterioration of service, to replace all aging components, begin addressing leaking Red Line tunnels, and restore the system to frequent and reliable service,” MetroNow said.”

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